Senin, 12 Januari 2009

"Dibawah ancaman Ketapel.."

Rights expert says collective punishment of Gazans violate international humanitarian law -

"keadaan darurat sipil tanpa perlindungan international security- seperti membiarkan anak ayam tanpa pengawasan orang tua atau pengasuhnya. Mati suri- terus disuntik mati perlahan".

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  • Ayo gabung petisi online yang diinisiasi oleh Ramsey Clark (winner, 2008
    U.N.Human Rights Award and Founder, International Action Center) yang akan
    langsung membombardir email President Bush, President-Elect Obama, VP Cheney,
    VP-Elect Biden,

    Secretary of State Rice, Secretary of State designate Clinton,
    Congressional leaders, the U.N. Secretary General, Security Council,
    the Israeli President, Prime Minister and cabinet, Opposition leader of Israel,
    and Major media representatives

    Sign the Petition Online Now –

    More than 400,000 petitions have been sent! Please add your voice to the thousands who are demanding: Stop the massacre in Gaza! Urgent Appeal for Israel to Immediately Cease Its Murderous Bombing, Siege and Threatened Invasion of Palestinian Gaza!

    To: President George W. Bush, President-Elect Barack Obama, Secretary of State
    Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of State Designate Hillary Clinton, Vice President
    Richard Cheney, Vice President-elect Joe Biden, Congressional leaders, U.N.
    Secretary General Ban, U.N. General Assembly President d'Escoto-Brockmann,
    members of the U.N. Security Council, U.N. member states, the President, Prime
    Minister, Cabinet and Opposition leader of Israel, and Major media

    For 60 years, Israel has persecuted the Palestinian people with impunity in
    defiance of United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Security Council
    Resolutions, orders of the International Court of Justice, International Law and
    fundamental human rights.

    Throughout the years, Israel has proclaimed itself the victim as it grew richer,
    more powerful and more violent, while Palestinians were abused, impoverished, divided and demeaned.

    A consistent tactic of Israel through all the years has been to divide
    Palestinians against their most effective organizations. Through most of the
    recent years Israel has attacked Fatah. Now it is Hamas that Israel attacks. But
    there is only one Palestinian people and there can be only one Palestinian
    State. This has been the guiding principle of the PLO. Israel's policy has
    always been to destroy the possibility of a Palestinian State. Its criminal
    assault on Hamas is in truth Israel's continuing assault on the possibility of a
    Palestinian State: divide and conquer.

    Now in the waning days of the disastrous Bush Administration, the government of
    Israel with its Prime Minister under criminal indictment, is testing whether
    world opinion will permit it to escalate its isolation and impoverishment of
    Palestine and selective and systematic assassination of Palestinian leadership
    in Gaza to a genocidal, indiscriminate assault and invasion of Palestinian Gaza,
    knowing full well its acts will inflame passions throughout the Middle East and
    Arab and Muslim worlds risking conflict of disastrous magnitude in Lebanon,
    Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, even between India and Pakistan.

    edit- AS masih mengirimkan bantuan senjata mematikan ke Israel (contradictive- yang seharusnya selesai,tanpa terus berlangsung dengan ritme inkonsistensi posisi AS).

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